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New Crocantinho, little balls of crunch chocolate.
New Crocantinho, little balls of crunchy chocolate.
Cherry Brandy chocolate truffles
best seller Nha Benta chocolate
Lingua de Gato chocolate

    Kopenhagen Chocolates


    At Kopenhagen, for decades we have maintained the tradition and quality of chocolates as our customers deserve. Therefore, we prioritize the preservation of our flavors, in addition to investing on the originality and sophistication of our products. Our chocolates are carefully selected and produced, with the aim of offering unique experiences in every bite. For this, we have a wide variety of options for you to enjoy every moment.

    Our line of chocolates


    From classic flavors to lactose-free or sugar-free options, we have a carefully selected line of products designed especially for you. We have milk, dark and white chocolates, chocolates with filling, crunchy, in bars, and truffles. You choose your favorite and we guarantee tasty and special moments. Plus, our chocolates are the perfect gift for the one you love. For those who want to give gifts, we recommend: our Lingua de Gato line, our Gourmet Chocolates boxes, the classic Cherry Brandy Truffle box, or our best-seller Nhá-Benta. Surprise and show your love with all the flavor and exclusivity we have to offer!

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