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Founded in 2019, Kopenhagen USA (TCP Distributors LLC) is the Official Partner of the Brazilian chocolate brand Kopenhagen in the United States.  Kopenhagen is one of the finest and most prestigious chocolate makers in the world.  

Kopenhagen was born in 1928 with a purpose: to create unique emotions from the unparalleled flavor of its chocolate. Based on this goal, year after year, decade after decade, many of Kopenhagen's chocolates have gained the status of classics. They have become icons, that span generations and mark unique moments of joy and celebration.


The link created with all our customers through the sophisticated flavor that crossed the barrier of time, made the purpose of Kopenhagen even more faithful to what everyone understood as the truth of the brand: Kopenhagen generates connections and transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.


Our chocolates are made based on tradition, one that says that our ingredients have to be of extreme quality, that love must be a fundamental part in the alchemy of recipes and that innovation must always dictate the pace of growth of our brand, which was born to be a precursor and protagonist in the industry.


And here we are, with a never ending commitment to what you expect from us, in a constant search to find out what delights you, to always surprise you, because you are the reason why, for the past 93 years, we have been doing what we do.  A lot more than chocolate.

Follow us on Instagram @Kopenhagen_usa for more news and promotions.

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